Frequently Asked Questions

Kidscode is dedicated to the educational world. With its innovative and entertaining tool, kidscode offers children an opportunity to learn in a different way. Thanks to the gaming community and to our team of educators who have created an important number of worlds in which children are immersed in different subjects of their curriculum. They are challenged throughout a series of workshops or projects which can be addressed individually or in groups.

It’s very easy to sign up: all you have to do is go to homepage and click the « Join us » button. A registration form will pop up for you to fill in the required fields. With this step out of the way, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. Click on the confirmation link to finish the registration process.

Registration on our website is completely free of charge. A registered member is granted access to our 'Freeland', including our two demonstration worlds. These worlds correspond to a very small number of the worlds available on kidscode. But this allows to have an idea of ​​our different services, even if the main features are accessible by paid subscription.

The kidscode solution mainly uses the "sandbox" type of game. These games place children into an almost infinite world made from cubes which can be interacted with so that kids can build their own world. Kidscode offers unlimited possibilities, the only limit that might exist is the player’s own imagination. We offer educators a tool which is motivating for children and has a strong educational potential.

Kidscode is a service for schools, educators and students around the world, but our platform is also accessible for individual uses at home.

On the site you will be able to register and choose the role that corresponds to you, that is to say, either director of school or educator (Profile 'School'), or user out of school context (Profile ' Home '). You can also register as a parent, either to subscribe to your child or to view their activity tracking and skill acquisition chart.

At the first registration, if you are an educator, you will be asked to indicate the school to which it is attached. He will then have to create a class to use the service. Attention: to animate a class, it is necessary to register students..You will be asked to indicate if you are director of establishment during your registration. The school principal is the person who administers the school account on; He will be responsible for subscriptions and administrative interactions with kidscode on behalf of his school. Every educator is necessarily attached to a school. Students are necessarily attached to a class and the class is attached to the educator.

For individual use at home, the functions give you the opportunity to use a role of student or teacher, you have access to both possibilities.

To use the kidscode service and access the worlds, you must first download our software ('download' button). Once the software is downloaded, you will be able to download our worlds to your computer (you are then in mode / local server). If you are a teacher who wants to teach a class, do not forget to include a class.

There is just one exception to this mode of operation. If you want to share a session with students from another school or generally from a distance (maybe with any students from around the world), you need to schedule a session on one of our servers at kidscode. For this, you must have subscribed to the option 'kidsworld'. You can refer to the section "How can I plan a session and access a world?"

Kidscode allows to address all the disciplines taught throughout the schooling of the child. Our contents cover both scientific subjects (biology, physics-chemistry, mathematics, technology), literary (French, modern languages), artistic (art history, visual arts, music education) or the human sciences (history , geography, civic education). Kidscode also offers specific content tools for the initiation and learning of code and programming logic (algorithmic). On our platform, children learn to program our robot 'kidsbot' and will be able to use it directly in situation in all the worlds they will have access to fulfill all kinds of objectives. Unlike other programs and it's one of the main strengths of kidscode, programming in kidscode is easily and quickly linked to a concrete use and offers almost limitless opportunities.

The themes that can be addressed within the kidscode universes are very varied. They come partly from our teams but even more from the community of educators who animate kidscode. The goal of the kidscode community is gradually to cover all the content of the school programs but also questions that may have students,, and of course in an environment that is both educational and fun. Some featured themes are, among many others, World War I, D-Day, Thousand Years of Evolution, Sea Life, Mining World, Conquest of Space, Energy and Environment, Sustainable Agriculture, etc. All these worlds have been created with regard to the school curriculum and the children needs.

Our content offer ranges from kindergarten to year 10.

In addition to the skills defined by the common foundation of knowledge, skills and culture, the use of kidscode allows the student to express and develop other skills, those that he will need to integrate into a world in full transformation and with a significant influence of new technologies and artificial intelligence. The kidscode experience makes it possible to develop collaboration, creativity, communication, critical thinking, problem solving and initiative. .Kidscode therefore favors the development of skills rather than knowledge, even if some contents combine knowledge and skills development. Learning in kidscode is also inspired by methods such as Montessori or Freinet, especially because it promotes learning on the basis of themes or real phenomena.

Kidscode has put in place several tools allowing the educator to track students’ progress. Through workshops and projects, data on students' performance and progress are gathered, analyzed and presented. This enables any educator at the end of each kidscode session to identify students' difficulties and needs for improvement on an individual standpoint. This tracking system works automatically but can also be manually set up to suit each educator’s needs.

The cost of accessing all the content and features of the kidscode platform is billed in the form of an annual subscription per student or user. It includes a progression according to the know-how specific to each child and a personalized follow-up of the acquisition of its competences, that is why each subscription is nominative. We also use cognitive science to adapt and personalize content and better understand how each child works. Registration on the platform, including access to the Freeland, ie to the demonstration worlds, is free. Once connected you will be able to discover the prices of the subscriptions to the platform kidscode. There are several types of subscriptions. Among which, the school subscription, reserved for the schools and in which the licenses are subscribed by the director of school or a professor. The Home subscription is reserved for a more individual use outside school. There are also other subscriptions and as we develop new subscriptions will emerge. In addition to subscriptions, you can subscribe to the kidsworld option which allows you to connect children remotely on the same world. Children can work together on the same kidscode world while at the other end of the world. Kidscode allows cultural and linguistic exchanges of a new kind by bringing children together in the same collaborative project!

Kidscode collects personal information from its users solely for product improvement purposes. Therefore, we commit to never disclose personal information regarding our users and this data will never be used for commercial purposes. For more details on this matter please refer to our privacy policy.

To access the kidscode software, you first need to register for free on the website Logged in, you will be able to click on the download and follow the different steps linked to the installation of the kidscode software. When the download is complete, an icon will appear on your desktop. Click on that icon to run the game.

For free, to the entirety of the demonstration maps (Freeland). A yearly subscription (School or Home) will give you unlimited access to the kidscode platform and maps.

You cannot log in because you forgot your password? No problem! Click ‘Lost your password?’ and enter your email address. A link will be sent to you and you will be able to reset your password.

Aware that our service is for children from age 5 to 15 and that it is possible for them to forget their login details, kidscode grants the possibility to teachers to reset their login details and therefore generate new ones. Do not hesitate to approach your teacher if you are facing this situation. If you are an educator or a Home subscriber, you can use the special button to contact us and retrieve your username using your email address.

When you are logged in on the kidscode website, you will see your username at the top right corner of the screen. Click on it to access your account and you will then be able to modify your information.

If you are a school teacher or a Home subscriber, you must log in to the kidscode app (which you must have downloaded before). Then you have the possibility to choose a session with several players (School) in which a teacher will gather several students or in single mode (Home). In multiplayer mode, you must first select a class. If you have subscribed to the kidsworld option (remote shared servers), you must go to the kidscode site and schedule a session. Once the session is created, launch the kidscode app and access the chosen world at the scheduled time.

In general, there is no limit to the duration of a session. The only exception is the kidsworld option (Remote Shared Servers) that you need to schedule and with a limited time. In schools,, a kidscode session usually lasts 1 hour. It may happen that the session lasts longer depending on the type of world selected by the teacher (closed or open world) and / or the number of exercises that the student must do..

It is possible to use kidscode as part of a school (School subscription) and outside a school, typically at home (Home subscription).

An open world is a concept in which the player has the possibility to wander freely in a virtual world while being able to impact several factors. These worlds make teamworking possible, the child will have to “build and create” with others. The child hence has to use his knowledge and the tools at his disposal to evolve. A closed world, on the other hand, is a world in which the player is not free to act however he wants: he must focus and follow precise instruction to complete the exercise, under a given time.

You will have access to the entire content, covering various academic subjects. Our content keep on increasing every day and, through your subscription, you will have access to all the maps and content developed by the kidscode community. For example, you will be able to have access to the history curriculum, from the Paleolithic era to modern times through the Middle Ages or the Industrial Revolution, revise mathematical concepts such as symmetry, proportionality, as well as coding, physics, chemistry, geography amongst others.

The kidscode team has created several manuals, available on the website, as to help you in case you need it. These manuals are available from your personal account. Do not hesitate to contact us at the address if you have specific questions.

If your kidscode experience is not smooth, it is possible that the settings of your computer need to be reviewed. In this case, we advise you to check on your installed material and/or update the drivers of your graphic card. Given that computer specifications may vary from one educational setting to another, it is possible that our software does not match the settings of your computers. If this is the case, we invite you to contact us at with a clear description of the challenges encountered as well as your school's technical settings.

Press ESC on your keyboard and click on the ‘Change keys’.

In case of technical difficulties, you can send an email to the address and our team will see to give you all the assistance you need in the shortest delays. For advanced help, you can attach a screenshot to your mail.

If you wish to terminate your membership, which we don’t wish for by the way, all you need to do is send an email to the address For more details, do not hesitate to look at our General terms and conditions of use.