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Educational games

Kidscode is an educational video game, a platform that provides a follow-up and class management to teachers as well as a network that creates, exchanges and shares educational content developed in a 3D universe.


A community of experts

Kidscode is an ambitious project, evolving continuously and supported by multiple collaborators: teachers, university researchers, programmers, YouTubers, graphic designers… all brought together by the conviction that ludo-educational softwares hold their place in schools in addition to a more classic way of teaching.

teaching minecraft

Made by and for teachers

Thanks to the numerous schools that have opened their doors to us, we have had the chance to test our solution with teachers and their students as to develop a powerful, complete and accessible tool that respects the expectations of the teacher body in terms of teaching methods or the personalized follow-up of each student.

International and evolving

Available in English and French, the kidscode platform gives access to several tens of universes and hundreds of hours of educational content, all included in a 3D video game. Kidscode is available on different operating systems: Windows, MacOS and Linux soon. The kidscode platform gets richer and richer with new worlds, new languages and will be available on tablets shortly.

A platform made for teachers

Joining the community as teacher, that’s:

  • Following the progression of your students, the skills taken on in exercises, the answers they give to questions and the texts they write in their logbook.

  • In-game access to the “teacher menu”, a powerful tool in terms of managing a classroom in a 3D world which gives you total access over what your students can do.

  • Access to guides, tutorials, videos and demo worlds for simple training, step by step.

  • The possibility to collaborate with colleagues to implement multidisciplinary projects in our open worlds.

  • Access to content-creation tutorials gained from our “teach the World” program. Create your own exercises and we’ll offer yearly memberships to your whole classroom.

Find out more about 'teach the World'


A vast and fascinating sandbox environment for students

Joining the kidscode community as a student, that’s:

  • Exploring science, technology, coding, languages and many other subjects in a universe thoroughly-built by sandbox game experts helped by teachers.

  • Expressing your creativity in ambitious construction workshops thanks to a vast inventory containing more than 500 objects in constant evolution.

  • Hundreds of hours of exercises, on your own or as a group, in fascinating universes such as “Mining World”, “Sea Life”, “D-Day”, “Coding Schools” and many more.

  • Numerous awards and objects to win to customize your virtual avatar, as part of the individual follow-up of your progression.

  • Numerous coding challenges in dedicated worlds with the help of your loyal friend: the kidsbot.

What is a “sandbox”?

In case you don’t know about them yet, “sandbox” games are infinite: everything is possible and doable. Building, discovering and collaboration, the only limit is your imagination.

Why use this type of game?

Thanks to our software, our team can offer incredible worlds to children, inspired from reality or issued from the imagination of numerous authors. These universes aim to make them discover popular or imagined places to teach or make them broaden their knowledge of subjects learned at school.

Online content

Our formula allows kids to **learn** with online universes offered by our educational team. This content comforts the kids in interactive universes on our online platform in which they **feel satisfied** and broaden their knowledge of notions seen in school, in a funnier way. Guided this way, kids can show themselves to be more **interested and effective** than in the traditional educational system. To **reward and encourage** kids, they collect numerous trophies. These rewards give kids the satisfaction they need to progress and encourages them to persevere. Additionally, the teacher can track his students’ progress anytime with a space on his profile dedicated to that purpose.
coaching enfants


Kidscode allows kids to discover the **fundamentals of coding**, as well as broadening their knowledge on **themes seen in school**. Several activities and events in the game allow them, for example, to rapidly **immerge** themselves in another era or even visually explain mathematical theorems or physics’ formulas. With **kidscode**, there now are alternative solutions to a better **understanding** of fundamental notions in the kids’ education.


Collaborative content

At **kidscode**, we attach great importance to kids as well as teachers as to ensure that they fully appropriate the tool we have given them as well as its huge possibilities. Our **educational** team manually creates key content so that kids take on initiatives in their creations, while experimenting different tools put at their disposal. In parallel, we have given teachers from around the world the tools and **knowledge** necessary to **modify** our content or **create** some. With our “teach the world” program, any teacher can develop his kidscode content and share his creation to the **community**.