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Educational games

We prioritize learning through educational games that stimulate children’s creativity.

code learning

programming courses

A team of professional educators accompany the kids in order to initiate them to programming whilst having fun.

teaching minecraft

Social networks

kidscode is also a network for sharing and exchange. These are core values for kids and education professionals.

Educational games

Kidscode helps children improve their skills through our platform powered by sandbox games. It is a fun and original tool that helps them broaden their knowledge. Using this construction game enables them to learn better an solve a wide variety of problems. They are immersed in different worlds where they can let their imagination run wild in order to create works of art, to program and code.



We offer endless possibilities for creation, our interactive lessons are powered by a sandbox type of game which encourages children to think and find original solutions together. While they develop their creativity, children have the possibility to create their own world in this entertaining environment and be challenged through a variety of exercices that can be solved alone or in teams.



We place a great deal of importance to living together in the world of kidscode. Exchange is important, it drives us and we consider it essential. We encourage kids to share both with each other and with their educators who in turn will accompany their pupils into this new world. We act as a supportive network ; the kids collaborate and find solutions together, learn to live in society through having fun. Our plan is to create a large community of ‘kidscoders.’

With a sandbox game ?

In a sandbox game there is no set objective that would narrow the player's progression : everything is possible and feasible. Build, discover, play as a team, the only limit is one's imagination.

Why using this type of game ?

Our software provides children with amazing worlds inspired by the real world or derived from the imagination of many contributors. The purpose of these maps is to allow children to discover famous landmarks or places created from scratch in order to broaden the knowledge they had gained at school.

Online Workshops

Our formula allows kids to learn through online workshops offered by our team of coaches. This mentoring comforts the kids in the virtual interactive world of our platform. The kids thrive and deepen their understanding of the topics studied in class in a fun way. With the support of kidscode, kids find themselves more engaged and efficient in their learning process than when they are in a traditional classroom. To reward and encourage the kids, they can aim to collect trophies. These rewards will bring them satisfaction and a sense of achievement when they progress and will encourage them to persevere. Additionally, the educators can also at any moment call upon the coaching service if they have any questions or if they wish to evolve the ‘worlds.’

coaching enfants


Kidscode not only allows kids to discover the basics of programming but also deepens their knowledge and understanding of what they have studied at school. Various activities and games allow kids to immerse themselves quickly into another era, or explain complex mathematical equations and physics formulas. Thanks to kidscode alternative solutions are available to address the key notions of our children’s education.



At kidscode, we attach great importance to ensure that kids and educators benefit from the best possible support. Our educational team creates contexts which encourage children to take initiatives. They create and evolve at their pace by using the various tools at their disposal. We are a group of experienced professionals who are familiar with the competencies required in the curriculums of both primary and secondary school. Our digital specialists guarantee an effective learning experience. Our coaches respect confidentiality and ensure security and satisfaction for both kids and educators.